Just after been banned by the movie association for unethical misconduct alongside Kunle Afod, Yetunde Adekoya had just cried out saying her life is at risk.

Although many are finding it hard to believe if the actress/producer’s claims is really genuine as it only came after she was banned. 

Explaining her fears, she wrote: “My name is Yewande Adekoya-Abiodun. I am a happily married movie producer, screenwriter and actress. I have been practicing since 2002 and i am presently a bonafide member of Tampan. I want to beg Nigerians all over the world to please help me tell Akeem Olatunji Balogun (Olasco films) to leave my life alone. If anything bad happens to me, Nigerians, please hold Akeem Olatunji Balogun responsible. He has marketed my movies for about six years now and i have nothing to show for it.

He prefers verbal agreements. He is very influential in the Yoruba movie market, so it is almost a waste of time to report him to anyone there. I know this because i had earlier reported him to several marketers who have rapport with him, still no result. I called the president of the Yoruba marketers association, he didn’t pick my calls. I was eventually able to speak with his assistant who sympathized with me and then told me that little or nothing could be done about the matter.

I serve a living God Mr Akeem and the God i serve will never allow darkness overcome light. Olasco films has refused to pay me my royalty for the three movies: Emere, Irawo meji and Kurukuru part1, 2, 3 and I have not yet taken him to court for that, and he is here, strongly advocating against me doing business with other marketers and film distributors of my choice. I know you are tough but my God is tougher than you. Don’t try HIM.

He even went as far as influencing movie marketers and some movie producers to stop casting me for movie roles. Why? What exactly did I do to you? What exactly do you want from me? Mr Akeem Olatunji Balogun please leave me alone, I refuse to be enslaved by you, like you enslave some others. You don’t pay them and you also won’t let them do business with other people. Maybe it’s because I refused to date you even after all these years that is why you are strongly determined to destroy me.”