Gospel, soul singer and songwriter Sola Allyson-Obaniyi, has called out junior colleagues, Aduke Gold and Yinka Alaseyori after several secret warning.

According to the singer, how can they be kneeling completely on the ground, just to show her respect.

She wrote:

Dear Aduke Gold and Adeyinka Alaseyori , I have warned you both severally, now I’m reporting you people to the whole world now o.

Before tales of àkùkọ gàgàrà will start o.

What’s àkùkọ gàgàrà in English ná?

How can you people be greeting me and kneeling orúnkún méjèèjì on the ground? Ha. I said I don’t like it and you were dragging it with me. Adeyinka that day at VI and Aduke at Iju yesterday. Ẹ sọra yín ó. Ha. It was almost becoming drama so I gave up. I just said I’ve heard to avoid dragging but I am not comfortable with it.

I know you want to respect and honor me. It is noble and I appreciate it, but you can just courtesy in the ọmọlúwàbí way, as pure from within as possible, instead of kneeling completely on the ground! Kò le t’ó’yẹn nàó! You know the alákọ̀wé way that is ọmọlúwàbí àbí?

I love you girls though. Aduke’s consistency is commendable! I have known her since long ago. Ha? The people of the world will say how can I be calling you girls? Ha. OK. You ladies? Àbí women dẹ̀ ni, to be on the safe side o, torípé, ha, toh, hmmm.

Me I’m ṣáà trying to say I love and respect you both and wish you well, EVERYONE who does what we do, near me and far from me, because I believe we are DIFFERENT colours in The HANDS of The MAKER, for the same PURPOSE : beautifying of souls.

It burdens me when you people now see me and be kneeling on the ground, sincerely. It’s not up to that. But you will ṣáà greet me náà ni ṣá, as honorable people that you are, and if I’m the first to see you, I will greet first. Láìv yí simple gan, ẹ gẹ́t?

Then, I’m not “Mummy” o. Tani Mummy yín gan ná? Ha. Àṣejù ni Mọ́mì, Àntí Ṣolá ti wà okay.

I’m not now asking you to see me and not greet me properly o, I will discipline you people ni! Mi ò kíí ṣ’ẹgbẹ́ ẹ nàó.

I have reported you to the people of the world now and I know they understand. Ṣèbí it’s “ẹyin ayé” they call people of the world?

Continue to shine and manifest in your full glory, the more, nothing stopping you! My love and respect, always.

I hope some roaming souls who are looking for issues to feast on will not come and twist these my words again.

Ẹ kúu weekend o!