Nollywood actor, Gideon Okeke has called out movie producer, Frank Rajah over a N500,000 debt he is being owed for the past three years. According to him, the film maker has remained quiet about it for the past three years.

He added that some of his colleagues know about the money Rajah is owing him.

Gideon took to his Instagram story to lament that if there were good structures in the industry, the movie producer wouldn’t be owing him such a huge amount.

He revealed the title of the movie and asked his fans to call his attention if they see any movie by that title or if they see him in any movie produced by Rajah.

He complained that the money would have come in handy if the producer had paid his debt.

This film maker, Frank Rajah owes me 500k. I’ve been quiet for 3years now. Some very important and influencial people know this. But like Frank said Dem go beat me?

If there were structures, this kneeger wouldn’t dare bully himself or try to outsmart me of my “Sweat Equity”. You have heard of horrible bosses in Nollywood yeah? This kneeger one!

“But let’s all wait for him infront. The day his madness pushes him to release the movie or sell it to a VOD portal.

“The movie is titled The Bag Man. In an event of a title change, if you see my face anywhere in a film by him, shout Fool Play for me.

“That money will come in handy now and on any given day. Anybody know that kneeger, talk to him.”

Prior to the viral spaces, the actor is known for being very vocal about the film industry.

In a recent interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Okeke described the working conditions in Nollywood as “gruesomely slave-like”, citing instances where actors are fed with a budget of less than N1,000.