Inside Out’s TV personality, Agatha Amata is known to have separated from her actor/producer’s husband, Fred. It’s also a known fact that Fred, the former husband, is now enjoying best of times with the former beauty queen, Ibinabo Fiberesima even with a child to show for it. Well, like the usual saying that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander, Agatha, we learnt, is paying back by stepping out with a new lover.

The said new lover is one charming guy who runs a popular bar tucked inside GRA. In fact, so hot is there relationship that some of his friends have been calling them Mr. & Mrs…. The other, the two secret lovers were caught off guard at a popular strip club in Opebi. Recently, they seem to have changed their love next due to prying eyes. The two lovebirds now meet at…. Let me get clearance from my source first before I blow it up.