I don’t use bleaching creams; I eat properly, take lots of water, shower twice daily, moisturise my skin and stick to a range of products.

The black skin is naturally beautiful and should not be tampered with.

My dresses? I wear what suits me and since I am tall, I think I carry them well.

I love kaftans, turbans and though I dress to conform to Islamic standard, I believe a woman should be elegant always.

I like things that are different, not outrageous and I hate excesses.

Luckily, I am able to tie my headgear myself.

My accessories? What stand you out with any dressing are accessories.

I love Italian jewellery. They are exotic and timeless.

With accessories, you don’t over-do because it does not mean the bulkier, the better.

To me, fashion is defined in simplicity and timelessness.

You never go wrong with simplicity.

*Aisha Daggash is the wife of the former Minister of National Planning, Mr. Sanusi Daggash