Tell me a woman that does not flaunt a glowing hair? It is generally believed and accepted that the hair is a woman’s glory. Stylish women do not take the hair business for granted. Some can spend fortunes on hair and its accessories just because of the love and passion they have for it. Ijeoma Akajiobi is one such woman who has burning passion for hair and this has led her into hair business.

She has just introduced her range of ‘full lace wigs into the market. To her a woman’s hair is where her total beauty, looks and style are enveloped. Akajiobi, an English language graduate from the University of Lagos imagines how a woman would appear in a dashing outfit with rough and untidy hair. According to her, it is devastation.”

Therefore, she has taken it upon herself to accommodate all women by introducing this beauty product. “The wig serves all women. With baldness that results from old age, for full fluffy hair, short hair, chopped and damaged hair, even women who are going through chemotherapy that chops off the hair, all are welcomed to the club”.
How the wig operates is quite simple and easy. She explains that you need to get to the saloon to fix it but then you can still do it yourself.

This mother of two adds that the full lace wig serves dual purposes. “It serves as a fashion piece and protection when you need to grow the hair or transforming your natural hair from one state to the other. It comes with its glue, which you can apply to the perimeter of your frontage, then wait for a few seconds and then paste the wig. You are ready and set to go”.

She further stated that it is not like the weave-on that you sit and sew before you get what you want. “It is simple and easy to access”, says Akajiobi.

“When you are tired and do not feel like going to the saloon, for the pencil high heeled ladies that are busy all the time, the full lace wig comes in to play a big role to relieve you from all these”.
In all these, one wonder s what the side effect would be but Akajiobi said, “there is no side effect at all. She further explained how to use it. “You remove it by damping the glued area with methylated spirit and pull it out after some time. It does not generate heat and does not scratch rather it is there to give you a natural fabulous look. At events, you turn heads around with the choice of full lace wig. You can either pack it up or pack it into a ponny tail and run your fingers through it. Another way to wear it is to loose it to flow on your body, make it into a rich waves or wear it straight”.

It was her love for hair that led her into an American based Kenyan lady who introduced her and thought her the business of the hair. Today Akajiobi does full lace Indian, Asian and American wigs. ‘It has been wonderful talking to fellow ladies about what I really like”, she said.

On the durability of the full lace wig she says, “Maintainance culture is important. Just like you cannot wear a particular hairstyle for a long time, you cannot wear the wig all through. You remove it when it is due for removal and use it when you want it back. Maintainance helps durability”.

By Agatha Emeadi