This is not a good time for Akon and his record company Konvict Entertainment. They  have been dragged to court by his producer, Leland Clopton. Leland is claiming that Akon had deceptively refused to share the proceeds from their productions over the years.

He also claimed that Akon hid all his financial statistics from over the years all just to avoid paying him the royalties he deserved. 

The producer added that only a few of the financial reports were sent to him and that it was a deliberate cover-up, and he went on to accuse the singer of orchestrating a “pattern of racketeering activity.” Now, the producer says he possibly has lost millions of dollars due to this as he began working with Akon in 2008.

He is demanding that his contract with Akon be terminated and he be compensated with a least $1 million in damages.