Handsome Nollywood actor, Alex Ekubo, has grown to become a darling to many both in the movie industry and a large fan base but not known to many that he is very principled.

The actor known for his simplicity was playing around with fans recently when a female decided to tempt him publicly by saying, “I will like to F@uck you,” but he chose not to fall for it.

The lady had come openly to beg the actor to create an avenue for them to mate and instantly, he rebuked the fellow by replying “I reject you biko, I’ll be praying for you, you need Jesus.”

Some would have fallen for such act but proving how self controlled he can, he ignored the plea. While speaking about his fashion sense, Alex explained that his choice of outfit depends on the kind of event he is scheduled to attend.

Speaking about his fashion life on popular style programme of TV ‘Style 101,’ he said, “For me whenever I have to dress up for any event, it’s just a simple math that I do, Choice of Outfit, the Event, the sum total is what I Wear.”