Alex Unusual preaches against suicide

Actress Alex Unusual has campaigned against suicide, advising depressed people to seek professional help instead of taking their lives.

In a video message she posted on her Instagram, the reality TV star urged the victims of mental health disorder to consider themselves and loved ones before taking such a decision.

She encouraged this set by stating that every problem has a solution and all they need to do is to go after it instead of taking their lives.

Her words, “If that voice of doom ever finds it’s way to you, remember that you make the world a better place.

“In the darkest hour, when hope feels thin, Remember the light that’s deep within. The world may seem cold, the path unsure, But there’s a future worth fighting for, your beautiful future.

“Every storm passes, the skies will clear, you’re stronger than the shadows, braver than the fear.

“Each breath you take is a step to a dawn,a step to a better tomorrow. A promise that the sad night won’t last long.

“Reach out, speak up, let love be your guide, In the hearts of those who stand by your side.

“Life holds beauty, joy, and grace, Hold on, dear soul, to your sacred place. Even if you feel alone, Suicide is never the solution. I love you. We love you. Love, Alex unusual.”