Femi Ajewole, known called Alfa Sule, is married to Sola for the past seven years. They met when he was still a business phone operator and fortune has changed for them since they got married. He said that  he met her during the period he was into phone call business.

He said “ At the time, she happened to be one of my customers. I was studying Electrical/Electronics Engineering and on my last stage of the National Diploma programme then at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, Oyo State. It was later that I earned a Higher National Diploma in the same discipline and institution on part-time.

He calls her DG which means divine gift. “The Alfa Sule is an alias. It was the name of a character in our first production, ‘oti gan pa’ (He’s been transfixed). The production also featured characters such as Woli Agba. Later, fans started calling us Alfa Sule because they were surprised about the featuring of an alfa as a character in a Christian movie. To avoid confusion since they kept on identifying us with the name, I adopted it.

Talking about his female fans “I cope with them very well because I know that it is the love they have for us that makes them to appreciate us anywhere they see us. Sometimes, after performing, many of them would desire to take pictures with us. If one does not attend to them well, one may be seen as trying to avoid them notwithstanding our busy schedule. So we try to give them the necessary attention. There was a female fan who called from the East last week. She said she had been trying to get my direct contact for about seven years. I was happy to hear her because it is all part of the love they have for us. I am coping well with all my female fans by the grace of God.