Ali Baba criticises Nigerian Economic Summit Group for snubbing entertainment industry

Veteran stand-up comedian Atunyota Akpobome, also known as Ali Baba, has knocked the Nigerian Economic Summit Group for excluding the entertainment and creative industry from a five-year economic forecast two years ago.

Speaking at a recent interview, the entertainer stressed that the entertainment industry rakes in more revenue for the government than some industries that were recognised.

He said, “A 200-page booklet forecasting the Nigerian economy did not consider the creative industry. I believe the Nigerian Economic Summit Group was poorly advised at that time.

“However, they have started forming sub-committees to address this oversight. It was a significant omission, especially considering that sectors like the creative industry generate more revenue than some insurance companies and advertising agencies, which are part of the creative industry. It’s unfortunate, but I believe this issue is being corrected.”

Speaking on corruption in Nigeria, he noted that it should be given more attention than the issue of morality that citizens and government demand from skit makers and content creators.

He stated, “Moral standards are not determined by skit makers or content creators but by parental control, government policies, and the educational system. These creators reflect societal issues, not cause them. While they shouldn’t always promote negative behavior, the focus on morality overshadows the more significant issue of corruption. Is a girl dancing naked on social media worse than a man embezzling N2 billion in office?”