The name Brandi Akpobome may not ring a bell to you until you mention her father, Ali Baba. Brandi, an 18 year girl is the second child of the comedian and in this explosive interview she has exposed her daddy in a way we never knew.

She said “…He just turned 51 this year, and he probably thinks he is 25 or 26, but he is not. At times, when I greet him in English, or in our local dialect, he could reply with, “Whattagwan, daughter, what’s good, how’re you doing?” The kind of things you don’t expect to hear from a 51-year-old father. It’s funny”

There was a time he was using cane occasionally on his children “Well, not anymore, it is something of the past now. Back in the day, he was not that type. But then, he has a belt collection, probably close to a 100 belts. And the thickness of the belt depended on the severity of one’s punishment (laughs). Back then, sometimes one would be like, “Oh, I haven’t seen this particular belt lately!”
She added “I don’t think many people know that he was a serious athlete when he was in secondary school and the university. He used to run the 100m and 200m events. I think he stopped when he had a knee injury. Nowadays, every year during the school sports days, he is out to get the first place medal in the 100m for the dads.”