When celebrities start complaining that Nigeria needs solution, that means that Nigeria really need help from God. Ali Baba has joined the league of Nigerian celebrities who are wondering what the government would do to reduce the suffering of the masses. However, his own headache is that he just added weight and is blaming the government for that.

Just few weeks ago, he got into a heated argument with a group of novelties and he won a handful of cash, after insisting that his prediction will come to pass. He was N2million richer, maybe, that is why he is adding in weight.

“ Everything is just on the high side in this country. The heat. The fuel scarcity. The unemployment figures. Even my weight that I checked in Dubai on an electronic weighing machine that put my weight at 96.6kg…Has gone up to 100kg!!! This is not the change we voted for o. Or could it be that eba and afang i ate on arrival? No, this bathroom scale is faulty. Definitely”