The death of the young promising doctor who jumped over the Third Mainland Bridge is an eye opening that there many Nigerians who are ready to kill themselves. For Tunde Aluko, the producer of Teju Babyface’s show, he is glad that Ali Baba saved one of their colleagues from committing suicide.

Two weeks ago, Aluko noticed something unusual about a celebrity, whose name must not be mentioned. While most of the fans of the celebrity didn’t understand what was happening, Aluko was disturbed  

 “I had liked the 1st 3 pictures thinking it was a creative thought. When the 4th & 5th pictures were posted in quick succession I started to pay attention. Each picture made a connection to the last,” Aluko said, and this celebrity would  end his posts with a photo of someone who was hanged.

When Aluko tried to talk to others about this development, they waved it off “Another one said (this guy just collected DSTV money, he can’t kill himself, all the hustle just paying off, why will he kill himself ,” Aluko said.

It was when Ali Baba was contacted that things got better. The comedian saved this guy from killing himself.