Ali Baba supports the death sentence that was melted on three Nigerians, who were killed by firing squad in Indonesia. He went ahead to nail notable government officials like Senator Stella Oduah who got the country boiling when they went outside the moral way to conduct some businesses.

He says: “We should be ashamed of certain things that our people do. It destroys our collective image. Do you know how long it took to convince people we are not all 419s in Nigeria? Why won’t we be called fantastically corrupt? Go and see how our politicians live after stealing us blind. Or is it the amount of stolen wealth that makes it abroad. Sometimes, I can bet the foreign countries will just be doing #Yimu when we go ask for loans.”

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He went on to say “Because soon as we get the FDI, it is returned to their countries. And we have some idiots, who will support them or even come out to protest. That’s how someone bought 2 BMWs for millions way more than the price. The manufacturers, sensing that it would affect their sales, if such prices go viral, made a public announcement denying the price. Did her kit and kin see it as embarrassing ? Naaaa! They took paid adverts on tv and newspapers to support their own. It was called a witch hunt! That is the same way, some parents were angry and asked that cut off marks in JAMB should be reduced to 80. But they will want high salaries when they graduate. If they graduate. We have tolerated mediocrity. If we start tolerating criminality and even fighting for it, our own done finish as a nation!”