Ace Nigerian comedian, Alibaba, could possibly be N2 Million richer going by the visit of the South African President to Nigeria, Jacob Zuma.

The comedian has predicted that considering the fine slammed on popular Telecom company, MTN, the President might likely come for talks with the Nigerian President.

He actually made this prediction at an event recently and it led to a bet with a renowned lawyer and public commentator which was also witnessed by a former Minister.

According to him, “When the fine was placed on MTN by NCC, I told someone who is a renowned lawyer and seasoned commentator on national affairs that if Mandela were alive, MTN and South African Government would have sent him to talk to the Nigerian government, all in a bid to not pay that fine.

“He said everything is a joke to you. But I was serious. That in the present situation, he should watch and see, that President Jacob Zuma would be heading to Nigeria shortly, to negotiate the penalty. One of the people at the gathering, a former minister, told me to go and sit down. I don’t know how it came to betting, but one of them said if Zuma comes to Nigeria because of the MTN issue he will give me 2 million Naira. And if he doesn’t, and the issue is resolved, I will give him N1m. The former minister witnessed.”

Well, the comedian is back jubilating several hours later as he said he has just gotten an alert which many will not understand.

“I don get alert God win!!!!! I am the happiest person to see President Zuma in Nigeria today! You will not understand,” he wrote.