Talk of a classy dude everyone would want to meet,talk of a personality with outstanding mentorship trait,talk of a veteran every young comic talent would want to associate with and get inspired, with instinct elevation from mediocrity to higher tenacity,that genius is Koffi.

Koffi is a prolific and spontaneous comedian with high level of humour, a humble dude whose intellect is different from his contemporaries,very peculiar and creative.

Koffi Ayinde Idowu Nuel,born on March 11,1997, to a Togolesse mother and a Nigerian father, is a Comedian, musician and an actor who has carved a niche for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry and world at large.

In an interview with in his office at Ikoyi,the multiple award winning super comedian,stated that his journey into the entertainment world was not just a mere play. He explained the struggle and hustle he engaged on before getting to the peak,having no one to depend on, he focused on his career and never looked at the discouraging words made against him.

Koffi said, as a stand up Comedian he does not do comedy shows or events for business or laughing sake, but does comedy filled with inspirations and motivational words that could change the lives of many. He added that he has no Godfather in the Nigerian comedy sector, as he strived and made it on his own.

He said” Others may have mentors and role models in the Nigerian entertainment comedy sector, others might have been uplifted by one or two people when they were aspiring to be somebody in the comedy scene, as for me,I have nobody to point at that helped me or gave me shows like others.

Even Alibaba did not do that for me. Others might take him as their Godfather or mentor,but to be frank and sincere with you, he is not my own mentor,though I respect his potentials and personality”.

Koffi advised the young ones coming into the game to sit tight,read well,make thorough research on trending activities and historical events to build up their content and message they want to pass to the people. He also warned Nigerian Musicians to be more conscious of the kind of music they produce for the people to listen to, saying some of their songs either affect lives positively or negatively.