Over the weekend, some parts of the world celebrated the 2016 Father’s day and while some fathers decided to create time to hang out with their children, some were still engaged with one thing or the other.

 Even some churches were not left out in the celebration as prayers and songs were sang for the fathers in the house.

But actress, Biodun Okeowo, rather than send any form of greetings to any man, she believes she deserves the greetings more as she has been playing both roles.

She has never been ashamed of having her kids and flaunting them but what matters most to her is the ability to care for them. According to her, she has personally took good care of her kids and in playing dual roles; she deserves to be happy seeing them grow.

In her words, “Happy father’s day to me and all the super strong women out there acting as fathers. God bless our hustles. We shall live long to eat the dividends of our labour.”

Her message also brought lots of single mothers together who also came to share their happy experience bringing their kids up without the help of any man.