Alleged animal cruelty: Ibrahim Chatta threatens to arrest staff

Filmmaker and actor Ibrahim Chatta has threatened to arrest one of his staff members for piercing his horse with a sharp object.

The actor, who shared the video online, told his fans to decide the fate of the staff, who was held down in the video.

He narrated that the incident happened at his film village in Oyo State, noting that the middle-aged man injured the pregnant horse while attempting to capture it.

In the video shared online, the staff member was seen pleading for forgiveness, while Chatta angrily told him his cup was full due to numerous atrocities he had allegedly committed.

He said, “You are using God to beg me, even God hates this. This is animal cruelty. If social media users ask me not to take you to the police station, you wouldn’t go.”

He emphasised that animal cruelty was unacceptable and condemned the staff member’s actions.