One thing that is common to actors and actresses in the Nigerian film industry popularly called; Nollywood is sex scandal and anytime the ugly issue rears its head, people are quick to conclude that it has become the second nature of people, who make us happy with their talents in the films they churn out on a regular basis.

But popular actress, Foluke Daramola seems not to be comfortable with the latest scandal, which is linking her to the crack in the troubled marriage of the Co-ordinator of Change Agent of Nigeria Network (CANN), Mr. Kayode Salako and his estranged wife, Pastor (Mrs.) Bukola Salako.READ HERE

Bukola, a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, had allegedly packed out of her matrimonial home in Omole, Lagos and went away with her three children and bulk of the family’s property few weeks back.

Her estranged hubby revealed last week that the woman has since relocated to the city of London, while are children are in a secret place in Nigeria. It was reported that the sultry actress was the cause of the crisis between the couple as she was having hot romance with the socialite.

But Foluke vehemently denied the allegation in an interview. The actress, who wondered why a woman could pack out of her matrimonial home all because of rumours, maintained that the matter between the once happy couple had nothing to do with her.

“The issue between Mr. Kayode Salako and his wife, Bukola doesn’t have anything to do with me. I have not met Pastor (Mrs.) Bukola Salako before and I don’t have any idea of what is going on in their house. From what Kayode told me, they have been married for 13 years and the woman left with their properties and four days later, she sought for divorce, is that about me?

“Whatever problem they have in their family is beyond me, for a pastor to leave her house just like that and pack all the properties and sought for divorce is beyond me. Did I go to their house with cutlass to ask her to leave, what would I do that for?

“All I have with Mr. Kayode Salako is about Change Agents of Nigeria Network, so I don’t know anything about what is going on in their family,” she quipped.

The actress, who is currently leading other actors to support the re-election of Governor Olusegun Mimiko of Ondo State under the Labour Party, said that even if Salako’s wife was told that they saw her with her husband, that was not enough to insinuate that they were romancing, adding that the reason was not cogent enough for the woman to leave the house.

“That they saw my husband with a woman is not enough for me to leave the house, there is no correlation between the two. Is that why she should pack 90% of their properties away and sued for divorce the fourth day,” she asked.

The well endowed actress insisted that she was free to do business with anybody, adding that it is not normal for a woman to just leave her home and pack away her family property and then sued for divorce four days later all because of a mere rumour.

According to Kayode, when cornered for his reaction on the marital tales, he stated that his wife, Bukola did not walk out of his life because of Foluke Daramola, and that people should leave the actress out of the whole mess.

“My wife moved out of my house because she said my family members, including me wanted to kill her all because she had a problem with my brother and my father, who was also staying in my house.

“My father came for a medical attention, he had hernia and I asked him to come so that I could give him medical attention, my brother also came to stay with us for some time. Since they moved into the house, it had been problem.

“It is not about Foluke Daramola, she had never crossed path with my wife. My wife does not even know what I do with Foluke. The only thing she knew was that we both run a project, Change Agent of Nigeria Network.

“All the efforts I have made for her to come back to the house so that we could settle the issue had been abortive and futile. So, it is only my wife who knows what made her to leave the house because Foluke did not bring a gun to my house to drive her away,” he said.

“What I told my wife was that Foluke Daramola and I had a business relationship; that we are working on my new project.

“Foluke is a notable woman activist, she loves the idea that we are promoting a platform, where all Nigerians that are ready for a positive change the Nigerian nation deserves would come together and form a strong voice. She is happy that we are building a platform, where people can continue can persuade the Nigerian leadership to move Nigeria forward for the benefit of all Nigerians” he maintained.

Salako, who led Fasholamania Independent Campaign Group, which campaigned for Governor Raji Fashola of Lagos, revealed that a lot of people are disappointed in his wife, including notable members of her church; members of their company staff, and that he could count about seven broken marriages that his wife had mended as a senior pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

“So why can’t she sustain her marriage, everybody close to our marriage, everybody close to us knows that I am a very responsible man. What are the characteristics and attributes of a bad marriage?

“May be the husband is not responsible enough to meet up with his natural responsibilities at home or he is a criminal, a stupid drunk, or a womanizer, all of these I am not. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t sleep outside, if I sleep outside, it must be for a reason she knows about.

“I don’t commit crime; my wife has never come to the police station to bail me before. In the past 13 years that we’ve lived together, I give her money; I pay my children’s tuition.

“I pay all the bills, I respect and cherish her and I said it in many of my interviews that my wife is the best woman in the world. She had my respect, love and everything, I don’t know why she did what she did, if it is about Foluke Daramola, I am not sure that is enough for my wife to leave with about 85% of what we have in the house and went away with my three children, and since she left I have not had access to them.

“She did not make herself available for people, who wanted to settle the matter, she has not made herself available, how serious can that be that she won’t make herself available for reconciliation. What is my offence, how can it be about Foluke Daramola,” he submitted.

He however, did not rule out the possibility of settling with another woman, which could be Foluke Daramola, who he said was not a girlfriend material, but a wife material, and that with what he had discovered about the beautiful actress, he would wish she would become his wife.

He said; “I don’t want to go back to be a bachelor, I don’t want to go back to such life, I have lived with a woman for 13 years, I have been a marital person, I can’t continue to live alone. If my wife refuses to come back and God says Foluke Daramola would be my wife, how can I argue with God?

“I am not ruling out the possibility of settling down with Foluke. But now, what we have is a working relationship and a platonic affair. But I am single and could be searching, the only person close to me now is Foluke Daramola, I respect her a lot and her characteristic attributes are okay for me.

“She has everything I want in a woman, she is responsible, educated and we are 100% compatible, we share a lot in common. If she agrees to marry me because she said she has phobia for marriage that she doesn’t want to go into marriage, but I could motivate her, and encourage her if God would approves it.”