I hope never to write again on this issue involving Chioma Akpotha and Yemisi (Vanguard’s journalist). My yesterday’s write-up has drawn heated reactions, especially negatives and some insults directed at me. The truth is, they don’t move me an inch.

The fact remains that I insist Chioma apologises for her ‘lousy’ rants on the poor journalist. Get me right, I didn’t in any way support the allegation against Yemisi, but my point is that Chioma was too rude in her reaction.

Two wrongs, they say, can never make a right. Even if Chioma was called a ‘lousy Igbo bi*ch, as alleged, it is left for Chioma to either prove to be one or not. As I was made to understand, Yemisi didn’t say it to Chioma’s face. That should pass a message.

I don’t support the abusive acts, but Chioma should understand that as a celeb, which she must have prayed for before gaining fame, all eyes would be on her.

Celebs are not super beings but they are expected to be one. Many people see them as role models which should make them to be over conscious of their behaviours in public.

Yemisi has nothing to lose, but Chioma. If I fight on the street, it is no news, but if a public figure does, then it is news. People should get that fact that when a dog bites a man, it is no news but when otherwise, then it becomes something big.

Yes, Yemisi may have been wrong, a common sense which is not common should have reminded Chioma that engaging in a public brawl isn’t going to affect Yemisi but her.

Justin Bieber allegedly assaulted someone who he claimed insulted him, but the media attack Bieber for replying. That is the gospel truth. Sometimes, people go on a bet to infuriate celebs, but simple logic expects them to ignore or take a legal action.

I am not a journalist that finds delight in bringing people down. I stand to gain nothing in doing that. The bitter truth must just be told. I insist that Chioma and every other celebs are not better than cleaners, gardeners, dwarfs, physically challenged persons in the society. All they have is just a camera advantage.

Chioma needs to work on her attitude in public which is gradually becoming very disgusting. That is the bitter truth. What lesson will she pass to those looking up to her as a saint, I just pity them.

I am aware that Chioma is adamant in tendering an apology for her outburst and I am categorically telling her that she is a weak woman. And I insist that she MUST apologise to Yemisi and her fans who she disappointed.

I know she can “comfortably pay my salary” just as Adenuga can comfortably pay her bills. I expect her to come pay my salary, Yemisi’s and other journalists in Nigeria.

Her failure to tender an apology for her outburst will attract actions from the media. A word is enough for the wise. Remember, pride comes before fall. A dog that is destined to get lost will never heed the hunter’s whistle. Ka Chineke m’eze okwu.

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