Ever wonder how Nollywood twins actresses, The Aneke Twins, succeed each year without and making so much money for themselves without depending on any man, then the answer has just been found.

The sisters are yet to be married but they have laid a good foundation for themselves that will remain both in the heart of man and God till eternity.

While some of their colleagues spend more of their time in clubs, smoking shisha and drinking expensive wines, the twins have made it a duty in their lives to celebrate each of their day with the less privilege in the society.

They ensure that they join money together and get them various relief materials. The most unique activities they don’t miss every weekend is keep the Lord’s house clean.

The Aneke’s have made it a duty to ensure that every Saturday before the regular Sunday service, they are in the church to ensure that it is well cleaned and arrange for the next day activities.

Without minding their celebrity status, they go as far as kneeling down to scrub the floor which some of their colleagues might likely not want to do.

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