The beef between Annie Idibia and one of  2Face’s baby mama,Pero Adeniyi has been taken care of. Thank goodness for the timely intervention of 2Face in bringing down the flames. 2Face has cleared the air that his two ladies are cool like cucumber but shades have been cast and fires shot.

 It all started when Annie said “Shout out to all the separated parent/ex who don’t stress the other parent about seeing their own kids”  and  ended up praising Sumbo Ajaba.  Pero who currently lives in America with 2Face’s three kids didn’t respond but her sister fought on her behalf.

Last year, 2Face and Pero  were caught more than in a comfy position, as they cozied up, kissing and frolicking… Something that was later addressed before this fight with Pero happened this year.

The good thing about the Idibia’s is that they have learnt how to handle their family problems like the likes of Beyonce and Jay Z. When shots are fired, they will keep quiet for a while before they address issues.

2Face has cleared the air and insist that Pero and Annie are the best of friends , “you know i wanna say something…people put their mouth in what they don’t know. 

They don’t know that this bitch [Annie] and Pero they’re best of friends. But heeeeey heeey heeeey”. adding ” Pero and I are cool thou, no fighting! 1Love.” The singer had visited Pero and her kids to celebrate with them before he took Annie to Kenya for fun and business.