Although it’s not proper to judge or question the sexuality of someone else, but then is it so possible to keep mum when you come across some things?

Nigerian Barbie who is also known as Bobrisky is a crossed dressed bleacher considered to be a g@y by many Nigerians.

Despite the ill comment he gets most times on social media, Bobrisky doesn’t stop flaunting his flamboyant lifestyle he claims to be sponsored by bae.

Just what many feared, another of his kind has emerged whose name is Seun ‘the Diva’. He claims to have being inspired by his mentor Bobrisky.

Now, Seun ‘the Diva’ is ready to embrace himself and live the lifestyle he always wanted like that of his mentor, Bobrisky.

The question many are asking is, does this people have a family?  Are they being advised by love ones?

See photos of the new crosses dressed guy: