The bad boy of Nollywood is going through divorce with his wife. Ramsey is known for being a profound womanizer on and off the screen. He has slept with fans all over the world and left his mark. Is it fair to blame Ramsey? What about the all the women that knows he is married with children but still jump into bed with him when ever the opportunity arise.

There are so many men doing the same thing, even guys without the fame and stardom of an actor have the main wife, a side mistress and girl friends down fore whatever. This is not just an African thing, but common from all men. May be having one woman is not normal and men are just exercising their natural act. What ever the reason is for men doing this, it is a problem that the society needs to work together to resolve.

Do your think Nollywood as an entity needs deliverance?…Lets have your say!

Yoris for NFC