This might not look that serious because it is not the first time it is happening in the world. The only good purpose it can serve is the fact that it has the power to prick our senses that some things are happening to our lives which can be prevented when we pay attention to. After all, so many people have stolen Ghana (state) funds before but Woyome`s case is the one which is being talked about because we are preventing a recurrence.

No matter your achievements in the world ever since you came into it, your manner of departure out of this world will be the yard stick to measure how the world should celebrate you. Whitney Houston is the latest celebrity to have been reported dead and it is just unfortunate that again, it’s a drug related death.

After hearing the news, I tried to localize the cause of the death to verify how the story can be attributed to our stars we have in Ghana. Enjoy reading the outcome of my findings.

It will not be long and Ghana will also experience the demise of several of our music stars especially in the name of drugs. I can recall one young wannabee hip life artiste telling me they were advised by a well known but young high life artiste that, if they really want to have a soothing voice like him, then they should start smoking Indian hemp to take away any fluid in their throat. Now for crying out loud, how long can you take this Indian Hemp in the name of soothing voice?

For sanity sake, I would have mentioned some names here in this piece mainly musicians who have gone “astray” mainly because of dug abuse. It`s very sad but who is ready to tell these so called celebrities. we have gotten reports of one budding singer in Ghana (female) who can`t stay for even a day without taking drugs. It is just so sad that because of a strong pillar behind her, nobody is willing to talk about it for courtesy reasons.

If you cannot appear on any stage whether without taking drugs, then with authority NigeriaFilms is saying on record that you are not a musician yet. Wait till you become fully baked as a musician and Ghana will celebrate you, but depending on drugs to perform simply means that your days on earth and even in the music industry is clearly marked and numbered.

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Whitney Houston Dies At 48

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