Popular Nollywood actress, Jennifer Elogu, might still be in shcok now but she is thanking God at the same time as she did not lose her life after she was being attacked by men of the underworld over the weekend.

The actress who is currently working on her new musical video disclosed that she was on her way back home at night at the ever busy Ojuelegba bridge, when her car was blocked both front and back and she was asked to drive to an atm where she was asked to withdraw all her money from both accounts she had.

Sharing her experience, she said, “Hello everyone. I write with a heart filled with gratitude to God for his mercies are unending. I had a terrible experience with the men of the underworld on Sunday night, they blocked my vehicle on Ojuelegba bridge, a Honda Accord in front, a small ash colored car behind, four armed men, three of them got into my car, letting their previous victim go while they drove off with me in the passenger seat and the other small car trailing behind.

“My Girlfriend who was driving in front of me, noticed there was a problem and tried to confront them,the scared of their Gun. They drove an ATM machine, asked for my pin and withdrew as much as limit permitted on both my accounts, they took my tones and jewelries, the little cash I had in my purse and then used my car to block another victim, leaving me on the bridge to find my way. The last two days have been very traumatic for me as I’m still in shock. If not for God, I refuse to imagine what could have happened. Vicky had made reports at different police stations, luckily I blocked off my line but it seems that somehow, they might try to get in touch with persons on my phone list, whatsApp and Imo, please if you are on my contact list on either and u receive messages supposedly from me, please call me for confirmation.”