Singing duo, Adex and Ice K popularly referred to Artquake in the music industry home and abroad has just scored another feat with the release of a promo single of their latest work, Alanta, a song that has become a national anthem in Lagos and other part of the nation. Penultimate Sunday at the Nigeria Television Fashion Show, NTFS hosted by Galaxy Television’s Beulah Smart, the raves of the moment duo, Artquake performed to the bewilderment of all and sundry with their Alanta song and the entire audience was asking for more.

One of the special guests who came to honour the show, we were informed, sent his call-card with a note on the reverse side that he wouldn’t mind to have them in Atlanta area of the United States of America for their Alanta song. Did I hear u say ‘Lat’aro’? Well, hardwork and dedication to work seem to have eventually paid off as these guys are not just hot but are one group which has is formidable. Keep it up guys, hope you know I am your friends when the America trip begins ooo.