She spent the better part of last year hopping across continents; recording, performing and promoting her self-titled debut album.

Now, Bukola Elemide, the signer known as Asa is spending more time at home; reconnecting with Lagosians and luring her French label to set up shop in the city.

The road has been rough and tough for the young lady and her manager, Janet Nwose. But despite all the turmoil and tribulations, they didn‘t keep their eyes off the goal; didn‘t allow distractions to cause them to veer off course.

Now, even though it‘s obvious they‘re yet to arrive the final destination, it is clear for all to see that the script has changed; the venture is now paying off; the girls are, right about now, smiling. They‘re smiling at us from the comfort of a BMW X3- a compact SAV (sports activity vehicle) made on the heels of the success of the X5.

Asa and Janet hit the streets with the black vehicle last week; eventually bidding farewell to the days of car hire and Taxis. Expectedly, the number plate is not customized. And, because there are now several X3s on Lagos roads, (including one belonging to Joke Jaiyesimi), you might find it difficult to spot the singer‘s ride in traffic.

Meanwhile, Asa has confirmed to friends that she‘s already working on a follow-up to her debut album. She told reporters in Lagos last week that she has commenced work on the album, but was yet to provide details. It is believed that the album will still be on her French label Naïve Records.