A look at the career of the musician, Lanre Fasasi a. k. a Sound Sultan reveals that he is one of the Longest serving musicians who has remained actively relevant in the business of music making in Nigeria.


Some of Sound Sultan’s colleagues rightly call him the Land Lord of Nigerian music and the singer himself have come out in a recent interview to declare that certain big stars like P’squore, Timaya, Asa Wizkid and others owe him gratitude for mentoring them at one point or the other in their career,

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He said, “So many artistes that are big now, when they were budding artistes, I inspired and motivated them, from P-Square to Wizkid, Dbanj, Timaya, Asa, and all the other guys”.

Fasasi, also pointed out that, no matter how big these artiest are today it those not affect his shine and drive to keep being actively involved in music.

“That I want to mentor young up and coming artistes doesn’t stop my own career movement, it’s more like a positive energy; it’s not something you need to take a break from.

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You don’t have to wait for your fire to die down before igniting another person’s, while your fire is burning you can use it to ignite another person’s fire, so they could feed off the good energy that you emit.

That’s why I’m always here; I feel I’ve already done my own thing, all I do now is to satisfy my fans, use the attention and limelight to influence another person.”© Nigeriafilms.com