Asa is back: Beauty in imperfection

She speaks exclusively to HiTV in its Hi Magazine issue this month about her new album, and what she has been up to.

Her self titled debut album changed the face of Nigerian music as we knew it, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been two whole years since it was released. She’s been busy during this time – touring the world, recuperating, re-discovering herself and even making music in a foreign language. And all this wasn’t enough – Asa still found the time to cinch a prestigious international award.

The new me

Asa’s new album, she says, is “full of happiness”. She’s looking different; more feminine and sexy, and she’s excited about this change, clearly enjoying the growth of this new side of herself. She admits that she’s been taking better care of herself, and that for the first time in a long time she’s feels beautiful and colourful.

She may have a new outlook on life, but Asa still remains true to her roots. She will always talk about social politics and the problems people face. “I’m not a different person. I remain the same and I hope to share that through the music”, she says.

In France, a country whose language she does not even speak, the home grown star contended with ten other artistes to win the prestigiousConstantine Award. She also recorded a French song with Yannick Noah, a Cameroonian musician based in France. As always, Asa remains grounded, grateful and humble about her achievements.

Be my man

Asa’s new album is named ‘Beautiful Imperfection’, and the title tracks on the album clearly depict her present state of mind. She shares a few during the interview, and like a mother with her children, she is hard pressed to pick favourites.

Speaking of Be my man, a track which was inspired by the guitar, Asa boldly admits that she is now open to love, and acknowledges her readiness for “that bold step”. In Questions, a moving track, she takes on politics, the news and the thoughts of everyday people. On the track Bimpe, Asa reveals to the world, a character whom she has lived with for a long time. In her head, that is.

Two themes that run through her album are humour and love. “I hope to add smiles to [people’s] faces as they listen to the songs”, the soulful singer says. Other tracks which she disclosed are Broda Ole and Ok. Most of the songs were written in her studio, a haven filled with musical instruments. “When you have instruments around you, they can inspire a new sound or song”, she says.

Lighter notes

The soulful singer has had her fair share of good and bad times, but they have made her stronger. She has accepted growth and change, and is learning to “[let] go of unnecessary baggage”. Asa speaks: “You just have to smile, be brave and hold on longer, and that is what I am doing.”

Asa’s first single, “Be My Man”, debuts next week, and her album, Beautiful Imperfection premieres on radio, and will finally be released next month, so keep your ear to the ground!