What kind of break? Well, yours truly too really need an answer to the question. A few days ago, the new song on the lips of the cute and sexy singer and actress, Ashionye Ugboh is that she needs a break.

Some of her friends were contact to know what break exactly she needs but none of them was able to divulge any information as regards that. The beautiful songster, Ashionye who is prepared to dazzle her entire fan again with a follow up album to her ‘A piece of me’ maiden musical effort is said to be having an unpleasant love life, according to inside source.

“Well, for the break you asked me about, I think it’s about her love life because recently she’s having one funny feeling that her man has been misbehave recently and she wants to leave before she’s left.” Said by her closed friends.

By Alonge Michael for https://www.nigeriafilms.com