Dashing actor Van Van Vicker has hit the age of 40 and the actor has been receiving messages from family member, friends, collogues and fans alike. However one outstanding message that caught our eyes is that of his longtime pal and follow Ghanaian actor, Majid Michel.

In the message Majid Michel disagrees with the age long saying that life begins at 40, rather than actor turn evangelist told his fellow country man that life begins “life only begins the day you accept Christ to live in you.”

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To drive home his point, Majid accepted that he was not looking as good is Van Vicker is on his 40th birthday, but now that he is older and has accepted Jesus Christ he is looking better than Van Vicker. He further encouraged him to accept Christ so he can live a more fulfilling life.

On a lighter note, Majid Michel charged Van Vicker to enjoy his 40th birthday to the fullest because this is the last time he will feel young.
Majid’s Full Message:


“Lordy Lordy look who’s FOH-TAY.!! They say The first 40yrs of childhood are always the hardest. And who said life begins at 40? That’s a lie from the pit of hell. Life only begins the day you accept Christ to live in you. That is when life starts. i didn’t look as good as you when i was 40.

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Well i look better now than you at 50. The 40th birthday isn’t the year where you feel you are old. You will start feeling old on your 41st birthday, so enjoy your last year of youth. Just picture it like you are 18 with 22years experience. Ask @adjeteyanang he has more experience.

VAN @iam_vanvicker #theYoungGodFather HAPPY BiRTHDAY and May God Guide and Protect and reveal Himself in His Fullest Glory to the entire Family in this special age of yours. God bless you and keep you for the rest of your Glorious life in The name of Christ Jesus !! AMEN. #LEADERSHiP”

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