For multi-talented and award-winning actress, Ayo Adesanya, she is not too old to give marriage a try as there is no age limit when it comes to finding a life partner.

In a recent chat with City People, the ageless single mother of one who features in both Yoruba and English Language Films, talked about why she has not ruled out marriage in her life at 51 plus.

Read excerpts below..

Do you still have plans of settling down again?

Of course yes, never say never, I am a sucker of love, I can find love anywhere, once I do, I will definitely give it a chance.

I can even find love where I am now laughs! So, I have not ruled out love in my life.

Remember it is not something people just plan for, but rather it just happen, so once it does, I will definitely give it a trial. I am very happy with myself now and being with the right person is also a good idea though I am being very careful, but in all I am open to finding true love.

What is the secret of your ageless look ma?

Laughs!!! It’s God and peace of mind I don’t allow any unnecessary thing to bother me. I don’t force things to happen. I don’t stress myself over things. And once I am happy inside it reflects on my outward looks.

Also, my mood often determines what I wear, so I will always try to be happy once I know something will look good on me, I will surely go for it. I love to be comfortable all the time. In as much as I love to wear what is appropriate for every occasion, it has to be sexy too, like exactly what I am wearing today, I feel very comfortable in what I am wearing.

So, I don’t have any secret to looking like this, I am just always myself and I also love to take good care of myself.

You don’t look one bit 50 plus?

Yes, lots of people say that all the time, that is just me. I don’t do anything extraordinary to look younger but just being myself and enjoy life in my own little way. I don’t pack all the worries of this life on my head, once you do that, you will age immediately.