Not everyone who gets to a certain level of old age tend to look stunner especially with the hardship in the country which has affected the financial status of many.

Taking a good look at actress cum disciplinarian, Joke Silva, will anyone believe that she is 54, considering her good looks and curvy body?

Not many her age will have such an attractive body, but the actress has been able to maintain that good looks because she does not allow things bother her and above all, she prays a lot for God to take control of her anger.

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She is an epitome of beauty, a type of mother many pray to have and a beauty that brings smiles on the face of her actor hubby, Olu Jacobs. No wonder her husband cannot stop stepping out without her by his side just to show other ladies how to dress and keep themselves attractive to their potential suitors.

While applauding her sense of dressing and the good looks, it is hoped that many females will try and emulate some uniqueness from her.

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