The holy matrimony between the famous lyricist and singer, Abolore Akande Alapomeji a.k.a. 9ice has crashed irreconcilably on account of infidelity on the part of the young and very talented artiste, 9ice. If you recalled we informed you of how 9ice’s manager, Deinde Ola has been stylishly given his ‘boss’ some girls as ‘take aways’ and that the beautiful wife of the songster, 9ice, the stylist and boutique owner, Toni Payne has severally warned against such acts but it all fell on the wrong side of their ear as they continued rollicking with girls of different sizes and shapes.

Having stomached all this for a while, the online manager, Toni Payne decided to call it quite with 9ice, though, a lot of their friends are said it’s too legit due to the fact that the marriage is barely a year old with a child, Zion to show for it, notwithstanding, marriage, according to her, is not a do or die affair.

Now that their marriage has collapsed like other celebrities marriages that hardly stand the test of time, it’s said to have been agreed that Tony Payne should take care of the custody of the baby pending the time they will resolve their divorce suits in the court of law.
Sources close to Payne said that she has really suffered in the hand of 9ice despite all the sacrifices she has made to make him who he’s today.

A release syndicated by 9ice’s publicist, Kunle Ayeni, to some media houses read thus “9ice and his beautiful wife, Toni Payne, with whom he tied the knot last year, are separating. The couple has agreed to separate for a while, even though; they continue to remain good friends and business partners. Their baby Zion, will reside with Toni for now. This is a very tough decision for the couple, and it’s a touch and even trying time for the young partnership we all admire so much.

And they are even the more constrained to make the announcement; knowing it will shatter many of their fans and admirers in and outside the country. However, they have both agreed to be responsible about the development and make known to the public what is necessary to avoid unnecessary speculations and rumours and it’s their wish that we all respect their privacy at this point.”

While the rumour of their breaking marriage has gone far and wide, fresh facts have just emerged that Toni Payne has actually involved in some secret affairs with 2face, a popular Yoruba comedian and other artistes. So when 9ice decided to marry her, they couldn’t object it but those who know about her affair with 2face and other artistes, were said to have called the attention of the Alapomeji’s boss to it but he waved is aside. Even till the last minute they were confirmed husband and wife, Toni was allegedly said to have slept with her numerous men to raise more money for the not too loud wedding. We shall update you on the marriage as event unfolds