Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin who is also a movie producer is on the news again after trending for her grammatical error on social media some weeks ago which is now her signature language.

She had shared a video of her and two dogs while one was jealous of the other and there by throwing a tantrum, the actress who was trying to calm the dog said ‘Don’t Jealous’ instead of Don’t be jealous.

This stirred mockery from fans who trolled her for her grammatical error which she eventually adopted and is mostly on her hash tags on social media now.

However, about 20 hours ago, the actress had shared a video of her with a placard wishing President Mohammadu Buhari a quick recovery.

Knowing how much Liz loves attention, this has got us thinking if she really cares or just want to be talked about as she is currently promoting her new movie ‘Owo Naira Bet’.

We all know, that when entertainers are on project they stir controversies or do things to be talked about to promote their project.

She said: “Either you voted for him or not, He needs our prayer. Let’s show some love plz”