Awards are not testament to creative greatness – 2024 AMVCA’s Trailblazer winner, Chimezie Imo

Rising actor, Chimezie Imo who’s best known for playing the role ‘Elijah’ in the viral movie “The Breath of Life, has stated that awards are not a testament to creative greatness.

Imo, who is the winner of the Trailblazer Award at the just-concluded Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA), made this known in a recent interview.

He, however, added that the feelings that comes with receiving an award is great.

His words, “I do not think that awards are a testament to creative greatness, but it feels great to be seen and recognized. I hope that more people get to see me, recognise my work. It is not just about the award, but the impact my work has on people. That is what I am all about; award or not. That award could have been won by anybody, and they would have deserved it. Basically, I hope that this award will help me to have more impact on people, and change as many lives as possible.”

On how he feels being a part of the movie, Imo said, “It was such a honour being part of the movie.  I auditioned for the role, and BB Sasore (the director) called me back a couple of months later. They asked me to come in for a chemistry read. I eventually got the role, and the script was sent to me. I remember shedding tears after reading the script, and I had to caution myself to stop being dramatic. However, at the premiere, the entire hall was practically with tears after the movie. It then made sense why I cried while reading the script.”