Nigerian artiste Baci was with MMMG for about six years and many never knew he wasn’t signed until his social media outburst.

After his outburst, the singer made a move by leaving the label he has spent over 6 years.

Although, many were really surprise why MMMG didn’t sign Baci over the years, but an answer to that is yet to be unfolded.

In a recent interview, it was discovered that ever since he left MMMG, no record label has signed him.

He also revealed that it has not been rosy ever since he left, but he is praying for things to be better, as this wouldn’t stop him from releasing his own music.

 In his words: “ since I left MMMG it has not been rosy, that has encourage me to strive on,  for now no record label, but I am hopeful something will happen soon and that’s not stopping me from recording my music and during what my fan loves.”