Following the goings currently going on in the household of the first born of the late publisher of Punch Newspapers, Olu Aboderin, Wale, there is strong indication that all is not well between his wife, Bisi and their house security.

According to the story, Wale’s wife, was alleged to have had a misunderstanding with their night guard and the issue, which was said to be minor by inside sources, was blown out of proportion by the said wife. Having seen Madam in a rage manner, the security guy, in a bid to save his job, begged and pleaded guilty to the offence he was alleged of but all the apologies and pleads went to the deaf ear of Oga Madam and she was said to have sacked the guy ignominiously.

All effort to secure a new guard three days after the sack of the former guards was aborted and what Chairman as Wale is called in Punch Newspapers could do was to instruct one of the office assistants in Punch to resume to his Opebi-Ikeja abode as security guard, an offer the said office assistant rejected out-rightly. Wale, one of the top shots in Punch Newspapers considered that act of the office assistant as gross insubordination and he was said to have queried him and he was eventually sacked.

Go to Punch Newspapers today, the ungodly act was a top topic of discussion but nobody could raise any alarm so as not to go the same way like the office assistant.
Wale, we gathered, has a female basket academy called Dolphin Girls; these girls are not just beautiful they are equally skillful in the game they know how to do best but the problem of harassment from the highest order has become a big issue to them. Was what we gathered but we are digging further to unrivaled other dirty details. We shall keep you posted on this as soon as possible.

By Bamidele Michael