Poor Banky W! There is nothing he does these days without getting a hit. We thought that it was only about getting married that people bully him but we are wrong because some are ready to fight him for no good reasons. Banky W is currently out of the country for some performances in South Africa and the United States.

He took some  pictures at the airport to tell everyone where he will be staying for some days now.  However, some people are wondering if he took that picture in Nigeria or South Africa. A confused fan had to ask if Nigeria has such a lovely airport that is clean without crowds.

Another fan criticized his appearance “Just from Naija to South see how he dressed like someone that is going to see queen Elizabeth. You tried this one Banky.

Finally, the marriage issue still came up “There is nobody traveling with him? He has no guys, no entourage? . SMH. You can’t see 50 cent or Lil Wayne travel without his guys.  This guy must be a very stingy man. No wonder he is yet to marry at this old age.