There is nothing one will not see when you take a closer look at practitioners in the entertainment industry.

Before now, it was actors and actresses that suddenly discover they had extra talents like singing and as such, got into the studious to start waxing albums. Think of the likes of Genevieve Nnaji, Nkem Owoh, and Desmond Eliot among others.

Now, comedians have also discovered their singing talent with Jedi leading the pack. And while we were waiting to see how far Jedi would go in his new career, we heard Basket Mouth was also singing and will release his album later this year. So we waited to see what he would be singing about.

But wait no further because Whistles has heard him sing and can tell that if he does not do any other thing in his album, he will be rapping.

At an event recently, where he was compere, Basket Mouth took time out to give the crowd a bit of his rap stuff with the assistance of DJ Jimmy Jatt.

The crowd were so satisfied with his skill that they shouted and applauded.

It was an elated Basket Mouth that smiled and appreciated their response in return.

He sure knows what he is doing by venturing into music, you may say, but for him nonetheless, comedy will not suffer.

Maybe because the crowd appreciated his rap so much, he decided to start sending text messages to his producer as regards the album, or how else would you describe a situation whereby immediately after the rap episode, and till the end of the show, the comedian was seen fiddling with his phone right on stage?

Well, whatever he was doing, we await the album launch and sure will keep you posted.