It would come as no shock to many people who followed the big brother Nigeria season one, as it was seen that Tboss and Bassey shared the strongest of all bond in the house.

In the spirit of throwback Friday TBF, Tboss took to her instagram page to share the letter he received from her crush back then in the house.

Back in the house Tboss and Bassey were best of friend and it seems that bond still exist even after that time.

Tboss shared the letter Bassey wrote her not in the fate to mock him but to tell him he still cherish the times and memory they shared together.

Posting a photo of the letter, she captioned it: “#flashbackfriday to that time in the #bbn house when I asked @blackbassey to write a really cheesy letter. I’ve mentioned a couple of times what a ‘hoarder’ I am. You should see what I do with memories.”

She also shared another photo were she revealed that she really missed him.

She wrote “Allow me return the Favor #throwback#TBT to all the fun I had with this muscular potato @blackbassey. I must commend you on almost slaying as much as meMiss you by the way; we need to sit by the road side soon.”


The letter itself reads:

“Dear T-Boss,

“I smile ear to ear as I pick up my pen from the basket of love to write you pages of seemingly endless thoughts I have about you.

“I hope this letter meets you in good health, if so, dittomatic.

“They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and we find love in the strangest most un-imaginable places and people. Your beauty and simplicity permeates through your glowing smiles which expose your set of perfect teeth, leaving a dimple on both sides of your sensual cheeks. This sinks my heart a few more feet into my soul as I appreciate God who created the chest so my heart doesn’t fall literally at your feet.

“I may not have the right words to interpret my emotions and for how madly in love I have become with you but I sure won’t be quiet about it none-the-less. The sparkle in your eyes makes me believe that your mother is a thief cos she stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

“I could go on but time is what you don’t have to read a 1 million paged love letter so I will say from my heart and hope you feel it too. T-Boss, I love you.”

He signed off with the drawing of a heart with an arrow piercing through the centre.