Nina who is a big brother Nigeria housemate has left her main boyfriend heartbroken after series of scandals aired live on the show. Her boyfriend who is identified as Collins is fed up with the hot romance happening between Nina and her strategic partner Miracle.

Miracle and Nina are the most controversial housemate after they have been caught on live camera not once nor twice playing the adult game.

Collins seems to be fed up with this and has decided to cut her off his life. He has deleted all photos of Nina on his social media pages and even changed his user name on instagram.

Nina gave miracle an oral job today under the duvet and this could be the one that has struck Collins so bad.

Nina is in love with her fellow housemate, Miracle, and has said multiple times on the show, she said her main motive on the show was for the money, but as things are going, she is helplessly in love with Miracle. She had issued that when the show is over she will be going back to Collins but as it is now she will have to continue with miracle.