If there would be any award for being the most insulted housemate of the 2017 reality TV show then Kemen the big lips guy deserves the award.

Kemen who is known for his wide lips is always been avoided by female housemates when it comes to the choice of whom to kiss, you can recall what happened during the kissing festival.

Housemates of Big Brother Naija went on a kissing spree after the Head of House, Efe declared a kissing festival. Miyonse kissed Gifty and Uriel, while Bisola kissed Kemen even though she had to add some atom of maturity. When you watch her posture very well you will find out that she was almost hesitating from kissing him.

It was to the utmost disappointment of Kemen to think that his nightly cuddling with Tboss will yield him something worthwhile but disappointingly, he got the worse insult of his life as Tboss rubbed him to the mud in front of other housemates. 

He felt so much embarrassed by it but what will he do now? Will he just leave Tboss and mind his business or will he persist in order to win her attention. Let us keep our fingers crossed and find out what will possibly happen in the end. Perhaps it will end like Nollywood movies.

Tboss is not a housemate one can toil with .She is a reflection of her name “boss”.