TBoss has revealed her Alter Ego in the most captivating and breath-taking Queen Cleopatra themed photo-shoot. The Nigerian-Romanian bombshell oozed every inch the appeal a Queen could possibly have in a heavily costumed ensemble.

 TBoss also captioned the photos: “Do you believe in Reincarnation? Well I do. I used to have a lot of déjà vécu- feeling of having “already lived through” something- that feeling of recollection even though in reality it never happened so maybe just maybe I have lived before.

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So I got online & started researching & stumbled on this page that asked me to put in my birth details & bla bla & it would calculate some bla bla for you & Voilà it said I was Queen Cleopatra in my former life.


Don’t worry make I follow una laugh cos it’s funny to me too BUT let’s think about it for a second- I am a Queen. And effortlessly too.

This shoot was the perfect opportunity to live my fantasy & I’m so proud of the outcome. I loved every moment of it. Thank you so much guys”© Nigeriafilms.com