The relationship between YBNL boss, Olamide and erstwhile label friend and industry veteran, Lord of Ajasa has come under the microscope at different times, with the diminutive Ajasa being quizzed over a rumoured beef with Olamide at some point.

But the Kilo Mo rapper dismissed that, saying he and Olamide are actually friends, that there was no rivalry or anything to the insinuations that Olamide chased him out of the game. A confirmation can be seen in both artistes featuring each other on their respective works, Kelegbe and Kinihun.

In a recent development however, Celeb Police radar have picked up signals that the great relationships that once existed between the two ex-Coded Tunes mates is not as rosy as it may have presented, with Lord of Ajasa making disapproving comments about Olamide’s attitude towards her man Ajasa, in a throwback photo she shared on Instagram with part of the accompanying caption which read: “memory keep coming yet they do as if they no no us”.

This is coming just on the heels of a similar accusation by one DJ Real against street-pop star, Small Doctor, where publicly denounced for forgetting to give bck to his roots because of stinginess. Even though the voicing out out of such feelings indicate deep-seated disaffection from the Lord of Ajasa end, the prompt removal of the snubbery accusation part from the post does indicate that the indigenous rap exponent disapproved of it. But for what it’s worth, Celeb Police believes there might actually be something to Ajasa’s wife, Funke‘s, sense of entitlement towards Olamide‘s patronage. While Olamide is known for harbouring some resentment towards his erstwhile label seniors like Nice, it is not clear if he extends such to Lord of Ajasa who many believe pioneered the indigenous rap game.