Gbenro Ajibade met the love of his life on the set of popular TV series, Tinsel. They were both actors in the series and from there their love story started and it blossomed to them tying the knot.

When the news of the duo getting married surfaced, just like the opinion of people towards celebrities marriage would continue to linger, the duo’s marriage was crucified by some without even giving it an evidence of a doubt.

Many were of the opinion that Gbenro was a play boy and would eventually break the heart of Osas and leave her shattered, because the marriage wouldn’t last.

Well the couple held on strong through the whole thing, and they proved soothsayers wrong by sticking together in love and harmony and shocked many when they welcomed their little princess.

In a recent interview monitored by, the excited new father described how joyous he is to be a father.

In his words: “I am excited, being a father has made me more responsible, unlike before when I will be jumping up and down, but now I am responsible for someone. I can’t just do anything or behave anyhow, the feeling is awesome.”