Legendary actor Pete Edochie has decried the state of Nigeria, stating that he is unhappy despite clocking 76.

In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday, Pete criticised the Central Bank of Nigeria’s naira redesign policy which made the naira a scarce currency. He also lamented the epileptic power supply.

He said, “Ordinarily, I should be a very happy person, I should celebrate but I’m not happy because I can’t go to the bank and get money which belongs to me and I am told ‘It’s for my own good’. I can’t go to the filling station and buy petrol for my car. It must be for my own good. Look at electricity, it has always been epileptic as far as I remember. Today, it has gone worse, I tried to find out why but nobody offered any explanation so I said ‘It must be for my own good.’”

Pete also complained about the 2023 presidential election which many have described as flawed.

Then he said, “I have come to realise that being a Nigerian is a full-time job, something is always bothering you.”

He added in his caption that being a Nigerian comes with inherent perpetual anxiety.

“We need explanation or is it all really for our own good? Was the presidential election an election or selection? We need explanation as a nation,” Pete added.

A similar incident occurred on March 1 when actor Kanayo O. Kanayo cancelled the celebration of his 61st birthday over the performance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) at the presidential poll.

He accused INEC of going back on its word to upload election results from polling units to its servers via BVAS.