Fast rising Nigerian singer and son of veteran singers, Queen Salawa Abeni and General Kollington Ayinla, Sheriff Ilori better known as Big Sheff, is fast gaining grounds in his motherland Nigeria since picking up music as a career.

The singer who recently did a remix of his mother;s hit song, ‘Gentle lady’ where he featured his mother and father, recently wowed fans at the felabration event which was held earlier in the month with his plus size body.

Best described as Nigerian Rick Ross, the singer does not seems to care about what people say about his plus size or any kind of perception they chose to have about him.

Big Sheff while speaking with New Telegraph noted that he does not not have any plans to lose weight as he is comfortable with the way he is.

“I’ve never known myself to be slim; I’ve been big from birth. You need to hear my mum give you my birth story. So, if you’re a big person, don’t look into the mirror and expect to see a slim person.

Keep it real with yourself. I’m focused on staying healthy. I’m not going to try to lose weight because people want me to lose weight. If I have a problem with my look, I will lose weight. If I have a problem about the way I feel about myself, I will do something about it. You saw me on stage and you were wowed. That was just one show,” he said.